Lu-me's production activity specializes in the production of high precision components from tape, strip and wire, bent, sheared, threaded, welded and assembled in stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, precious metals and special alloys.

The operational phases of the Lu-me customer service are structured in:
- Assessment of the needs and intended use of the new component.
- Evaluation of the customer's technical, production and assembly constraints.
- Choice, verification of the type of material and evaluation of the characteristics.
- CAD design and prototyping.
- Functional and aesthetic verification.
- Preparation of plants for series production.
- Serial production according to the required standards and quality standards.
- Delivery according to the programs and methods chosen by the customer.

Our fields of application




Household appliance


Lighting technology

Our qualified technical staff is able to support the customer in the development, design, and prototyping, from the simplest to the most complex details in wire and tape, sheared, bent, and assembled.

The detail is designed and manufactured according to the customer's design and / or in co-design. Our knowledge in metalworking allows us, when possible, to assist the customer in the design of the metal in the choice of metal according to its workability and use, in order to guarantee the customer the quality and adequate price of the final product.. From receipt of the drawing, each process is carefully designed to bring out the weak points and find the most efficient solutions able to guarantee the greatest reliability and continuity.

 On request we can supply the complete details of the surface finishes (zinc plating, nickel plating, copper plating, burnishing, tin plating, polishing, etc.) and with heat treatment (bainitic and martensitic hardening, normalization, cementation, etc.).



Furniture components

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