The main purpose of Lu-me's activity has always been to offer a service and products that respond to customer problems and market needs, to try to improve the cycle times, productivity and performance of those who use our products. Through our qualified consultancy, technical design and production activities, we have specialized over the years in the mass development of precision metal parts. The technical know-how and the long experience gained over time allow us to develop projects with our customers both based on the design proposed by them and our design, to find the most efficient and competitive solutions possible. Understanding the required requirements does not only concern the technical and design side, but also the expected service as a whole.

The company has appropriately structured itself in the type and number of systems in order to satisfy any customer need; today Lu-me is even more able to respond positively to requests for quality products with ever faster delivery times.

The production processes are monitored to be able to accurately know the progress of production processes, from the entry of the raw material to the delivery of the finished product to the customer, ensuring synergy between made in Italy quality and service Just in Time.

Via Fiume, 15 – 23862 Civate (LC), Italy
PH: +39 0341 551035
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VAT: 02236670135

Register of Companies of Como - Lecco (LC)
REA number: LC-282598
Share capital: € 10,400.00 f.p.