Order management and production planning are carried out through computerized systems, continuously updated, so as to offer customers the highest level of service and maximum flexibility. The collection and analysis of data allows us to improve our internal production process, making it increasingly lean and efficient, in order to be able to make accurate forecasts in every aspect of the workflow, from the procurement of raw materials to performance. of incoming and outgoing orders.

Lu-me has a a large fleet of machines consisting mainly of a line dedicated to the blanking process and one to the bending process:

- High tonnage automatic presses for precision progressive molding.

- Blanking-bending machines for complex operations at high production rates and with constant precision in different materials. Thanks to the versatility of these machines and our technical know-how we are able to produce parts with shapes and geometries from the simplest to the most complicated.

All the toolings are manufactured and tested according to the production standards to products of absolute quality. Each mold is regularly rectified to ensure an efficient production cycle and consistent quality standards.

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