A partner who is seeking total quality

In order to achieve the company’s aim in becoming an active partner in customer relations, Lu-me felt it was necessary to begin with quality as their prime objective in productive cycle management systems and control processes.

UNI EN ISO 9001 represents the company’s quality system standards as a daily objective in planning, designing, organising, delivery, and assisting customers, guaranteeing top quality service and products as well as reliability and discretion.

Loghi certificazione DQS e IQNET

A partner seeking perfection

Mass production guaranteeing constant quality standards, as well as an entrepreneurial outlook, and most of all, continuous investment in specialised technology and human resources.
The company’s productive installations are very modern, highly automated with mass production capacity and control systems adapted to individual requirements.

Thanks to the experience gained alongside the requests for special components with customized characteristics, and the diversification in our service capacity, the company is now perfectly capable of integrating its activities with those of its customers.
The Lu-me definition of the term “partner” means new ways of planning and insisting on new production and service levels on a perfect par with those of our customers.

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